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Cattery of the Maine coons Catsvill County
Cattery of the Maine coons Catsvill County
A Maine Coon cattery Catsvill County was on systems WCF and TICA, the work of the nursery started in 2002

kennel registration WFA RU-03-031-2018
kennel registration WCF №070100.50
kennel registration TSA No. 18287

The nursery worked with the breed Petersburg Sphinx, Kuril Bobtail, Maine Coon.
For many years, in the nursery contains only one breed is the Maine Coon.
The main goal of our cattery is breeding healthy, large, contact, affectionate, 
relevant standard of the breed animals. Our nursery adheres to the American style 
we work on American, Dutch, German and Polish lines.
The names of our graduates quite often in the star lists of the winners of exhibitions.

Our cattery is closed. It means that we do not take mating cats from other catteries. In our cattery you can pick up a Maine Coon to love, as well as for exhibitions and breeding. Our Maine coons are leaving the house after 3 months. By this point, the kittens are socially adapted, free of worms, vaccinated, with a document confirming the origin of the animal (pedigree or metric). 
Price of the kittens in our cattery from 1000 - 5000 euro varies from the type of animal, tribal, class and color. Cheap Maine coons in our cattery you not buy!   Professional breeding is costly, time-consuming process. At this time, the alternatives to purchase "Ala-Maine Coon" for a penny abound, so spend your and our time on this kind of talk is not necessary. With us You will get only pedigree, charismatic, healthy animal without the infusion of other bloodlines!!!
With a kitten You get:

the contract
veterinary passport
metric or pedigree 
the usual kitten food for a smooth transition to the food that You will feed further