Our Females

Catsvill County`s Lusien

color black solid (n) 
дата рождения 15.02.2015
father Pillowtalk's Genesis
the mother of My Cats Gradle Chandra
Catsvill County`s Lusien






Great- Grandparents

Pillowtalk’s Genesis, n

Cool Motion´s Angel Sky, n

Pillowtalk´s Xtro Energy, brown classic tabby

Timberhills Chelsea, black tortie

Pillowtalk,s Hot Kiss, f

Pillowtalk´s Marascino 

Pillowtalk´s Ultra Star


My Cats Gradle Chandra

My Cats Gradle Nelson

G.I.Ch.Royal Mainly’s Akash Dancer MCO n 22

Ch(TIKA)Royal Mainly’s Vriendinnetje Dollie MCO n 22 09

SK Platinum Femida

G.Ch.  Rocky Nemo Land MCO a

Ch.Leticia Vitorones Coons MCO n 22