Our Females

Catsvill County`s Night Butterfly

color black torti smoke (fs)
birth date 14.02.2017
father Catsvill County Good Mаn
mother Catsvill County Vista
Catsvill County`s Night Butterfly

Butterfly was born with a weight of 112 gr. charming girl with a wonderfully painted face.
Day 7 - weight 234 gr.
Opened eyes  👀 22.02.17, on the 8th day of his life
10 days - weight 282 gr.
25 days - weight 487 gr.




Catsvill County Good Mаn
Catsvill County Good Mаn



Great- Grandparents

Pillowtalk’s Genesis, n  - test HCM- N/N

Cool Motion´s Angel Sky, n

Pillowtalk´s Xtro Energy, brown classic tabby

Timberhills Chelsea, black tortie

Pillowtalk,s Hot Kiss, f

Pillowtalk´s Marascino 

Pillowtalk´s Ultra Star


Ch Bella Vista Barbaross*RU, ds - test HCM- N/N

Gr.Int.Ch. Arsenyi AvroraStarCoon,ds

World CH WCF Efrat Stars Quality, ns

CH Knygna Meri Stars Quality, ds22

 CH Carolina Stars Quality, f 22  


RW, DGC (TICA) Mainewoods’ Z’Nelja Kummenta, n22

Int.CH Intriga Stars Quality,  ds22

Catsvill County Vista
Catsvill County Vista



Great- Grandparents

Catsvill County Francis HCM - N/N 
Catsvill County Francis

Pillowtalk,s Genesis test HCM - N/N
 Pillowtalk,s Genesis

Cool Motion´s Angel Sky black

Pillowtalk,s Hot Kiss

Lioncoon Elisabeth test HCM - N/N 
fs 2203 

Battle Creek's J'Cesare

Dedicace de sulena de tengri, noir


Wildbeautycoon,s Allegrancе - N/N 

Wildbeautycoon,s Allegrance


Conikacoon’s Diamond Lord - N/N 
MCO as



Summerplace Kalypso

Chanel’s Konkolino*PL
MCO as


Tojo Polaris Wilma Reading  - N/N 

MCO ns

Dk’Aloa’s Yankee Cat 

MCO a 09 22

Tojo Polaris Celia Cruz 

MCO ns