Our Females

Ascent Ivanka of Catsvill County

color black smoke (ns)
дата рождения: 04.04.2017 
father Mainelynx Yurek as 25
mother Ascent Holly n22
Ascent Ivanka of Catsvill County






Great- Grandparents

Mainelynx Yurek, MCO as 25, 2015-04-02

Bloomingtree Sherlock Holmes, MCO n

Störkanal's Ramazotti,  as

Bloomingtree Morning Star,  ns 25

Mainelynx Callie, MCO as 09 22, 2013-05-19

CH Hawkwind's Dreamer,  ns 22 09

Mainelynx Guaryarmina,  fs


Ascent Holly n 22

RU*Unicum Yaris n 22 

S*Coppermines Zeus n 22


Qivi Unicum Afonya n 22

Veiki Tomiko n 22 03

RUS*Odin Hope Coon Derick as 24 03

Sk Platinum Naomi f 22