Our Females

Catsvill County Oskar’a

birth date 18.06.2021
father Country Gulliver`s Gerald
mother Catsvill County Love
Catsvill County Oskar’a




Country Gulliver`s Gerald
Country Gulliver`s Gerald



Great- Grandparents

Country Gulliver's Uno-Dei Best   MCO - ns

Ch.Country Gulliver's Kasanova Best (as)

Ch. Langstteich's Extra-Class-Blue (аs)

Ch. Country Gulliver's Norma Best  (n 22)

Country Gulliver's MiLady Best  (ns22)

Ch. Country Gulliver's Fellini Great  (ns)

Gr.I.Ch. Afina Best Country Gulliver's  (ns 22)

Captain Coon's Venezia Kiss  of Country Gulliver's  MCO- g 09



Ch. Captain Coon's Quaint  (d 03)

Respsctcoon Sparcler (Black blotched tabby/white)


DK Aloa’s La Luna (creme blotched tabby)

Country Gulliver's Beatris Kiss  (ns) 

Ch WCF, Ch.P. Country Gulliver's PlayBoy (ns 22)

Ch. Country Gulliver's Kiss Fashion   (а 09)

Catsvill County Love
Catsvill County Love
Country Gulliver's Xanto Class
Country Gulliver's Xanto Class



Great- Grandparents

Country Gulliver's Diesel Class

Ch.WCF Great Pride High Class of Country Gulliver's

Country Gulliver's Absolute Class

Energy Jump of CaDazz

Ch.Country Gulliver's Kiss Fashion

Ch. Country Gulliver's Ujin Best

Country Gulliver's Fashion Girl 



Country Gulliver's Naomi Best


Langstteich's Bel'Roma

Langstteich’s Black-Out, n

Langstteich’s Bella-Fantastica, as

Gr.I.Ch. Afina Best Country Gulliver's 


Arctic Black of Perfecl Cat MCO 
ns 09 

I.CH. Berta Best Tigrinyi Duh MCO n22

Catsvill County`s Cerceya
Catsvill County`s Cerceya



Great- Grandparents

Catsvill County Francis HCM - N/N 

Pillowtalk,s Genesis test HCM - N/N 

Cool Motion´s Angel Sky black

Pillowtalk,s Hot Kiss

Lioncoon Elisabeth test HCM - N/N 
fs 2203 

Battle Creek's J'Cesare

Dedicace de sulena 


Windin Willows Bella



Big Giants Deep Insight MCO a2209 

Endless Cat,s Devil in the Sky MCO n22 

Bossanova of Baydar MCO n2209


Russi Mystic Favna MCO f22 

Big Brother Perfect Cats MCO d22

Russi Mystic Bonita MCO n2203