Our Females

Catsvill County Wonderful Gremlin

color fs - smoky turtle
birth date 14.08.2021
father Country Gulliver`s Gerald
mother Catsvill County Hillary
Catsvill County Wonderful Gremlin




Country Gulliver`s Gerald
Country Gulliver`s Gerald



Great- Grandparents

Country Gulliver's Uno-Dei Best   MCO - ns

Ch.Country Gulliver's Kasanova Best (as)

Ch. Langstteich's Extra-Class-Blue (аs)

Ch. Country Gulliver's Norma Best  (n 22)

Country Gulliver's MiLady Best  (ns22)

Ch. Country Gulliver's Fellini Great  (ns)

Gr.I.Ch. Afina Best Country Gulliver's  (ns 22)

Captain Coon's Venezia Kiss  of Country Gulliver's  MCO- g 09



Ch. Captain Coon's Quaint  (d 03)

Respsctcoon Sparcler (Black blotched tabby/white)


DK Aloa’s La Luna (creme blotched tabby)

Country Gulliver's Beatris Kiss  (ns) 

Ch WCF, Ch.P. Country Gulliver's PlayBoy (ns 22)

Ch. Country Gulliver's Kiss Fashion   (а 09)

Catsvill County Hillary
Catsvill County Hillary
Catsvill County Only Wind
Catsvill County Only Wind



Great- Grandparents

Good Boy! SharmMuar as

August Trotting Track ds

Maharaja Seventh Fleet*UA as

Flip-Flop's El'Mega fs

Anglia Gargantua ns22

MaineLynx  Leandro n 25

Roskosh Gargantua  ns

Catsvill County`s Gorgona f

Catsvill County`s Good Mаn d

Pillowtalk’s Genesis, n  - test HCM- N/N

Ch Bella Vista Barbaross*RU, ds - test HCM- N/N

Catsvill County`s Cobra n

Avtoritet Best Country Gulliver,s
MCO ns22

UfaCoon`s Fiona 
MCO n22

Catsvill County Peppy long stocking
Catsvill County Peppy long stocking



Great- Grandparents

Country Gulliver's Xanto Class  (as)

Country Gulliver's Diesel Class (a)

Ch.WCF Great Pride High Class of Country Gulliver's (a03)

Ch.Country Gulliver's Kiss Fashion (a09)

Country Gulliver's Naomi Best (ns)


Langstteich's Bel'Roma (ns)

Gr.I.Ch. Afina Best Country Gulliver's  (ns22)

Catsvill County`s Vista (fs)


Catsvill County Francis HCM - N/N  (ds22)

Pillowtalk,s Genesis test HCM - N/N (n)

Lioncoon Elisabeth test HCM - N/N  (fs 2203 )

Wildbeautycoon,s Allegrancе - N/N (as)

Conikacoon’s Diamond Lord - N/N 
MCO (as)

Tojo Polaris Wilma Reading  - N/N  MCO (ns)