litter "H" from 07.10.2009


Saboteur from Mystical Cats
Saboteur from Mystical Cats



Great- Grandparents

W.CH. Muzzle-Man from American Pie
MCO d2303

Claudius zur Waldemaine of American Pie

I.CH. Seine Majestaet zur Waldemaine

CH. Lara v.d. Laurentziburg

G.I.CH. Cindy Crawford from American Pie

W.CH. WCF-Master Moscow Star,s Cher-Khan of American Pie

E.CH. Moscow Star,s Pretty Woman of American Pie


I.CH. Russicats Ford-Frosika
MCO n22


G.I.CH. (WCF) G.C. (СFA) Bon Jovi Top-Coon*PL MCO n22

GR.I.CH. Asterion Cat Cabaret*PL, JW
MCO d 22 red tabby MCO d22

Wiktoria Alwaro*PL
MCO f 22
torbie MCO f22

Charizma Seventh Fleet*UA МСО n22

I.CH. Congo Ken Koon*UA MCO n 03

CH. DK*Love Hulen,s Silver Princess MCO ns 23

Catsvill County Dushess
Catsvill County Dushess