Welcome to the website of cattery of the Maine coons Catsvill County! 
We are pleased to welcome You to our virtual home and we will be happy
to introduce You to these wonderful cats of breed Maine Coon! 

Cattery of the Maine coons Catsvill County
Cattery of the Maine coons Catsvill County
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If You're bored, nobody to talk to, I want something new... maybe it's just time to buy a furry friend? Maine Coon cats are companions that will become a family member, best friend, furry antidepressant))). Amazing Maine Coon cat breed that combines power, strength, heavy a fascinating look, grace, tenderness and reverence to the owner. Their amazing curlykale gentle voice captivates and surprises, you have to wonder how such a large creature could emit such a delicate and gentle sounds. And the love that they show towards the host, all that tenderness that is given to you without reserve, it costs a lot. 

If You make a choice in favor of a Maine Coon, You'll be happy to enjoy the love of this magnificent creation.


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